CSS Transparency

29 Oct

Update: the use of RGBa in CSS


A working solution for transparency in web standards browser

I read this today on one of Andy Clarkes websites, he heard it at a conference talk by Cederholm.

Here’s the CSS syntax: (more…)

CSS Image Replacement

1 Jun

For people that care (and we should care), keeping the semantic integrity of your HTML document, while being able to create great design using images, has always been an important part of web design and development.

An increasingly popular technique is an Image Replacement techniques with CSS. This makes sure text browsers and Search Engines can read you text (great for SEO), while replacing them with images. This is simply a technique where your HTML text is being replaced with a graphic. There are many uses for this, most people use it for headers, I like to use it for any non-text graphical element my designer will come up with. (more…)


5 Jan

How to create a favicon icon with Photoshop

You’ve seen them on all the larger websites; these little custom made icons next the the website address in the address bar or next to the webpage in your bookmarks / favorites. (more…)

Javascript PopUp Window

25 Aug

Creating a pop-up window with javascript is easier than most people think. It takes just a short snippet of code to achieve it. Keep in mind that pop-up windows have to be wisely used. They can be highly irritating for users if misused. Let’s look at a proper and easy way of creating them. (more…)

CSS Vertical Align

5 Jan

The vertical-align property in CSS has given gray hair to many a starting css coder until they finally realized what this property is, and what it is not.

This property does not vertically align elements inside a box element. It is not the CSS equivalent for the HTML attribute valign=”middle”. (more…)