Blinking text with CSS

Blinking text was one of the most dreaded homepage effects in the 90's. It was easily achieved by using the <blink> tag and was viewed upon as a real newbie thing to do. The <blink> tag is now a deprecated HTML element, but in the name of moving presentation/style to CSS, there is now a CSS equivalent.

According to the CSS standards by W3C, this is an optional feature of CSS. That means that the browser makers can choose to include support for it, and still comply to the CSS standard. I can't remember to have seen an optional feature like this before.

As a result of the traditional dislike of blinking text, not many modern browsers support this (maybe fearing the wrath of web developers worldwide). Opera and Mozilla based browsers are the only one supporting this feature. Let me know if you come across more browser support for this.

In this example the blink effect is showed as a paragraph containing a link. The link is there just to demonstrate how easily it can be implemented on any element.

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Blinking Link, this only works in browsers that support it. If this text does not blink, there is no need to email me about it.


<style type="text/css">
p#blinking {text-decoration: blink;}


<p id="blinking"><a href="">Email me</a></p>