Firefox Secrets - A Need-To-Know Guide

Sitepoint has released another great book. Firefox Secrets - A Need-To-Know Guide is written by Cheah Chu Yeow and is a comprehensive book for both developers and regular surfers on how to get the most out of this increasingly popular browser.

The book covers several important sides of the browser, such as:

  • How you can make the jump from Internet Explorer to Firefox
  • Reading RSS feeds
  • The ever-increasing amount of really useful extensions
  • The list of really important tools for web developers

With this book also comes a CD with all the great Mozilla projects: the Firefox web browser, Thunderbird (email client), and a handy selection of Firefox extensions and themes.

As far as I know you can only get this book at O'Reilly ($29.95), Sitepoint ($29.95) and at Amazon for $19.77 (!).

From Sitepoints Press Release:

firefox-secrets (9K)

"Until now, web users have had to adapt their expectations and behavior to the limitations of the web," noted SitePoint CEO and Co-founder Mark Harbottle. "'Firefox Secrets' puts the control back into the hands of individual users, allowing them to customize the online experience using the Firefox browser. Thanks to "Firefox Secrets," web professionals can have the web perform exactly as they want it to," he added.

"Firefox Secrets" lifts the lid on many of the browser's handy, but lesser-known options and technical configurations. Among the many invaluable customizations that are explored in this 292-page title, readers will tap the secrets of smart keywords, cookie and password management, Firefox extensions and about:config.

"The focus of 'Firefox Secrets' is to provide readers with the detailed information they need to make the Web work for them," Harbottle added. "By customizing the Firefox web experience, readers will surf more efficiently, more effectively, and with greater ease. That's something every web professional needs."